Cubase iC Pro 1.2.1 update available

Dear all,

A new version of Steinberg’s iOS app Cubase iC Pro is now available for download from the App Store.

Version 1.2.1 adds iOS 64-bit mode support for supported devices among other new feature additions. The updated SKI Remote extension has to be installed on the computer for Cubase iC Pro 1.2.1 to work.


  • VCA Fader support
  • Snap support
  • iOS 64-bit mode support (for supported devices)

Download Cubase iC Pro 1.2.1 for iOS

Download SKI Remote for Mac OS X and Windows

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It doesn’t say anything about support for Cubase 8.5 - will this work?

Cubase iC Pro can be used with Cubase Pro 8.5.


Can this new version be installed over an older version of IC Pro? If not, how to remove the old version from OSX?

In case an older SKI version has been installed on the system, please make sure to remove that version beforehand.

A description on how to do this (what to remove, etc.) would be helpful!


please just go ahead and install the new version, there is no removal necessary on both platforms (iOS & Windows).


Are you sure that’s correct, Ricardo?

  1. The download page on the Steinberg site clearly says that older versions should be removed before the new one is installed (see my previous post).

  2. I did try to install the new version without removing the old one and it wouldn’t connect. The installer appears to install two files; “SKI Remote.bundle” and “CubaseiCPro.srf”. I managed to track down the first file to Library/Application Support/Steinberg/components. After removing this and re-installing the SKI remote, it worked. Where the CubaseiCPro file is hiding, I still don’t know.

Wow, I’m very pleased that Steinberg has updated things here! Thank you for not letting this very helpful app become a wayward orphan. I will also add that the SKI download is very slow this time around… Why is this? I deleted my old version, too, just as I have always done before. I’m about to fire things up in a minute…

Everything is working fine here on my iPhone 5s, no problems that I can see. I try my iPad2 tomorrow. :smiley:

Hi Svenne,

In some cases this might be necessary like in yours, but usually it is not as a new version will overwrite the old one.

However if you need to remove the necessary files before, under iOS the “SKI Remote.bundle” is stored here:

Library/Applicaton Support/Steinberg/Components


And the Android version? !

After updating my Ipad to osx 9.3.4 the IC Pro app won’t work properly. It worked beautiful before the update on Cubase 8 and 8.5
Cubase 8.5 is up to date as the SKI Remote extension as well.
The app crashes after 40 sec. There is a connection and but the GUI is incomplete like missing the faders etc. When touching the surface the app freezes.

Any update for this issue?



Hi developers,

I was enjoying version IC, because I use multiple arrangements in 1 big song I put 10 songs per set in 1 session. The “knobs” in version IC I can select just by clicking on them. I need only one hand to control which song starts to play. Why is that NOT available anymore in Pro? IC doens’t work properly anymore since all the updates of IOS and Windows. Please add this option as soon as possible!

Hi Lars I’ve just installed iC Pro to use with Elements 8. Every time I try to scroll the track view in the app for a more detailed view Elements 8 closes down. Everything else seems to work OK as I can change screens, open and close the mixer etc. I’m using all updated iPad Air 2 and Windows 7. Any known issues you know of please.

I was just going to post this but I tried something first and now it’s working. You might want to make a note of it in case somebody else gets the same problem as I found it with just luck.

Solution: In the settings of iC Pro I had selected “Show All Channels”. As I don’t have “Control Room” in Elements 8 I deselected it and the app scrolling the tracks in the upper window now works without any problems.

Unfortunately VCAs only show up in Mixconsole mode.

The job is only half done!

Not only do VCAs not appear in Cue Mix mode, if a project contains a VCA fader it totally screws up Cue Mix mode - nothing is visible until all VCA faders are removed from the project. Nice.

Dear Steinberg, when can we expect this update to be fixed so that IC PRO can be used properly?