Cubase iC Pro 1.2.6 available

Hi all,

We’re glad to announce the immediate availability of Cubase iC Pro 1.2.6 which adds full screen support for iPhone, and now works reliably on 32-bit Android devices and much more.

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Below please find all details.

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What’s New in Cubase iC Pro 1.2.6

  • CICP-1393 Full screen support added for Apple iPhone devices.
  • CICP-1401 Cubase iC Pro now works reliably on 32-bit Android devices.
  • CICP-1399 Resolves rare a problem where disconnecting rendered the app unreliable.
  • CICP-1404 Fixes a graphical issue where the lower part of the user interface was cutoff on some Android tablets.
  • CICP-1395 Minor graphical improvements.
  • CICP-1392 In-app help has been updated.

Please add ability to backup saved configs for transfer on another device!


YESSSSS!!! Definitely!

Please keep improving the app. It’s a great tool and we really needed it!

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Yes sure we improve this app soon

It would be GREAT if we could see the plug-ins interfaces and control them on Cubase iC Pro. It’s be a great improvement.