Cubase IC pro (again)

So some time ago I wrote wondering how to solve the problem of (all) my iOS devices crashing when trying to input an IP address to allow IC pro to connect to Cubase. Steinberg suggested I looked on forums totally absolving themselves of any responsibility for there faulty and not entirely cheap app. As I’m disabled and struggle to get from behind my drums to the keyboard and back in order to set levels etc it is highly irritating that this is the case. I kind of feel entitled to a refund. Steinberg are just not interested in addressing the issue.
I don’t code I have no idea how to fix the problem and it would appear no one else has. This app was not written by members of a forum it was written by Steinberg software guys or farmed out to some other software people who put it together. I’m not going to ditch Steinberg as I’m too tied in and only know maschine as my other daw and I use that for live stuff as it’s not a good multitrack workflow for me. Please please Steinberg sort this out and show a minimum of respect to your clients rather than shrugging your metaphorical shoulders and hanging me (and othered without the identical problem) out to dry…


I gave up on ever getting IC pro to work and now use Teamviewer to give me remote control of Cubase on an ipad i can move around the studio to any instrument station.

I agree, it’s scandalous that Cubase doesn’t have it’s own fully featured remote control app and leaving IC pro users high and dry is truly reprehensible

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Agreed this app is almost useless. I still have it working with Cubase 12 but only use it for transport so I can go to my drums and record. I also use the avid remote which is free.

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Yes, it is very “impudent” not to have fixed the app yet. It works for me, but only up to the point of entering text with the keyboard. For new customers with current IOS15 (because only after the introduction of iOS15 the problem occurs) it is a reason for exchange.

I’ll check out TeamViewer then the Avid although I’m kind of not into Avid due to what they did to all the Pro Tools users with their foul over expensive subscription rubbish…
Thanks for the feed back…

Well the Avid app for Cubase is excellent so I don’t have quite such a low opinion of them as before. Big thanks for the suggestion…

This app is currently not working properly on iOS 16 . Will Steinberg update this app or should I request a refund?

It’s not working properly on iOS version these days. It just about gets by but a lot of things are not right

Hi all,

We are sorry about your inconvenience.

Cubase iC Pro will soon be back in the App Store, supporting iOS16/iPadOS 16 and Mac computers with Apple silicon. The update also resolves several user-reported issues.


Now that is good news :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

Cubase iC Pro is back on the App Store.
Cubase iC Pro 1.2.3 and Remote SKI 1.1 available (on sale until Jan 9, 2023)

We hope you enjoy using the new update, and would be very glad about your rating and review in the Apple App Store!

Thanks in advance!

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All I have to do us remember this as I’m away until Monday. Are there any fixes to the program like tempo not showing correctly?

Hi @mkok,

Please find the version history right here: