Cubase iC Pro and C13

Did anyone manage to get the remote app work with Cubase 13? since upgrading I am not able to use it! still works with Cubase 12.

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Hey, it worked for me out of the box, Nuendo 12 and now also Cubase 13, no problem at all, just used it 2 days ago while did some recording with the band…

Windows or Mac? It looks like 90% of all Cubase 13 problems are on Windows.

When you installed Cubase it asks for permissions. Did you allow them?

works fine here

Well, thanks everyone, I’ll figure it out, at least I know it should work

I have the same problem - when I start ic Pro it shows my DAW but then it gets stuck on the connection icon (with a Cancel button underneath that doesn’t do anything). I tried restarting the “Bonjour” service (which is used for network connectivity) and also made sure that it is whitelisted by my firewall.

I am wondering if there is a special preference in C13 that needs to be activated to communicate with my IC Pro successfully…