Cubase IC Pro android sees but does not connect to Win11 Cubase 12

I’ve installed all the required and latest elements for Cubase IC Pro to connect (SKI, Bonjour). ICP sees Cubase on my Windows machine, but when I click the name of the computer to connect, ICP just spins. I have turned off my firewall, Windows Defender and my antivirus software - all of them at the same time and individually. What is my next step. This has taken over 2 hours already and the forums aren’t any help so far.
If there are port or settings that need to be adjusted, please be specific as to which ones and what the settings should be.
I’m running the newly purchased android version of IC Pro on my fully updated new Samsung android tablet.
Any solutions/insights out there?

Hi @Glenn_Galisteo

I think your chances of getting an answer are much higher here:

Thanks @Croissant - I’m a newbie here. I thought there was a better place, just couldn’t find it.
I found the answer, however. After a long session with support, turns out I had to remove the app from my android tablet and reinstall it. Then it came right up. It’s buggy, however. I’ve had to kill the app and restart several time. I think it crashed Cubase 12 as well. Sent in a crash report.
Thanks again,