Cubase iC Pro ANDROID?

Yes please cubasis and fl studio are whole apps in andriod, fl studio, studio one, pro tools, logic all have control apps but we dont?

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If an Android app is difficult, at least the Yamaha QL/CL mixer style (full control iPad for the pro and limited Android for the musicians) would suffice.

The company’s lack of interest in services and attention to users is very strange
Cubase 12 is full of problems and there are still features that are required for years, the company has not responded to them
So far, there is no official app for Android and the iPhone app has problems
I do not know how this company will continue in this way, the competition has become very strong and all competitors have applications in all systems
Even if the Google or Android system does not suit them, they can make the application on a link that works in any browser

As for all this lack of interest in the additional benefits, it is nothing but weaknesses for the company
i think because the app remote is free because we have cubasis in android

It is frustrating that you do not provide the full benefits that we deserve like other companies