Cubase iC Pro ANDROID?

There are two to three times as many Android Tablets and about 85% of all phones are Android now.

Why is there an app for the 15% and not for the 85% of phones?

Why is there an app for the 22% and not for the 66% of Tablets?

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Are there plans for an Android version of Cubase iC Pro



Why there’s not a single reply for this question? :unamused:

I work with Cubase 9.5 pro in my recording studio and need to continue working in my android tablets and smartphone.

It’s a BIG NECESSITY for me, as I’m constantly on the road, gigging, and need to remember and rearrange my bass lines and piano compositions on the train, bus, metro, in a car, etc.

I’ve never had Apple. It’s not for me, and also for the 85% and 66% of phone and tablet users, respectively.

Please, Steinberg. This is very disappointing. As martytess said, it has no logic. If you don’t reconsider it or offer us an explanation, I will consider working with another software (and I’m one of the older ones… I started with Cubase 5 VST/32 Producer Pack, in year 2000) :cry:

Thanks in advance for your reply, Steinberg. I’ll wait it.

Enric Berneda (from Spain)

Hi Enric,

Cubase iC Pro for Android has been discontinued mid of 2015, since the current available solution back then did not match to the Steinberg standards.
We keep up monitoring the markets. For now, I have no further information available, in regards to upcoming Android apps.


That is weak…

IC pro on android should be develloped… like the Yamaha monitor app exist and work well on android… Yamaha own Steinberg know…no???

I have been using icPro on my Nexus-7 since it was discontinued but recently it has stopped working.

I’ve tried reinstalling the beta version but with no luck - it no longer recognises my computer.

It was a truly stupid decision to abandon it as it has so much potential and so many potential users.

I had exactly the same Problem… an did not get it to work…
forget it

Download Chrome Remotedesktop for your Host Computer and your Tablet…
Configure… Connect … Have Fun…
much better, because you have the real desktop version on your Android Screen…

Is Chrome Remote Desktop a Google program or is it developed by a third party?

I am not keen on downloading programs from unknown sites that install God knows what on my system.

I also don’t think that it will be able to replicate the icPro cue send facility that enables remote users to set up their own headphone mixes.

TeamViewer is an option

I’ve tried TeamViewer on my Nexus-7. While it is nice to see Nuendo running on it, the controls are far too small to be practical. Also, with regard to Cue mixes for the musicians, it gives each musician full access to Nuendo which is far to dangerous. With icPro each musician can be given access to only the tracks they need to hear so they can create their own individual mixes.

I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I have managed to get iC pro going again on my Nexus-6 Android.

This is how:

Go to the Devices menu in Nuendo/Cubase and select “Device Setup…”
Select “Steinberg SKI Remote” from the pop-up list and leave the dialog open

Launch Chrome on your Android device and enter the SECOND http address shown at the bottom in the “Nuendo/Cubase device setup”. If I enter the first http address it does not work, but if I enter the second one, in full, it does work : ‘’

Good luck.

I was finally able to make it work on Win10/Cubase10 and have it running on a couple of Android devices.

I don’t know what I did wrong in the past, I really suck at network configurations, so this time I tried an old Gygabyte router I had hanging around:

…and it works, it was actually really simple to setup.

Even with its known issues the IC Pro is very useful. Glad I have it running!

Hope this helps


You can also just use the browser on your devices. Just works fine. Doesn’t matter if Windows, OSX/MacOS or Android.


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That worked great - thanks!

I will update for anyone on Cubase 9 or higher that it’s Studio > Studio Setup > Steinberg SKI Remote (Under Remote Devices). There is only one IP address now under the main Devices box (in rather small print) and it worked for me first time using Firefox on an Android phone (Cubase is running under Windows 10). I was expecting my phone to show up in the Devices box once connected, but it didn’t. Worked quite well though.

Logic - ‎Logic Remote on the App Store
Pro Tools - Avid Control iPad Mixer - Mix Audio on Mobile for Free

Cubase - ?

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Thanks for your Post.

Cubase iC Pro for Android at some point? Presonus have for Studio One, and work really great, so to do it is cleary possible. Come on guys, 2022 and lots of amazing technology available (also for Android).

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Would be nice. If an Android app is difficult, at least the Yamaha QL/CL mixer style (full control iPad for the pro and limited Android for the musicians) would suffice. It would be great if the musicians could control their own cue mixes!

Yes please cubasis and fl studio are whole apps in andriod, fl studio, studio one, pro tools, logic all have control apps but we dont?

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