CUBASE IC PRO Apple Ios and Android sum the dollars

Hello… Just a little topic from someone that had bought Cubase IC Pro for ios some time ago and now the Ipad is broken… so I got a nice android device… now… is it fair I have to pay again for using the app on android devices? … is it not possible to use it in android as I already paid in IOS? I think 16 dollars more is not really worth it but as when I got Nuendo it has both the windows and macOs version… I thought this should have been the case for the app too… Thanks and hope this is something that get s solved in the future…

I doubt it. I can’t think of any app that you can do this with.

Hi @modiolo,

Thanks for your message.

Cubase iC Pro for iOS is distributed through the Apple App Store, Cubase iC Pro for Android is distributed through the Google Play Store.

The two stores don’t interrelate and don’t offer any crossgrade options, which means that to own any app on both iOS and Android, it must be purchased on both stores, unfortunately.


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