Cubase iC Pro back on Google Play, 50% Off (ending Sept 7, 2023)

If your PC is on the same network as the Tablet or Phone then it should work. On some setups the firewall is blocking the traffic between the two, but that can be fixed by changing the firewall settings.

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Thank you Arne,
I’ll watch out for firewall problems.
Can the app be used as a demo before buying?

Not that I know of.


I’m using cubase ic pro on iPhone how can I make it full screen?

I have to say that I feel a little bit dudded, having purchased the original, such is life as ned kelly said. I found an app named touch daw, which works very well indeed and not just with cubase.
I also use Reaper, which TD works well with along with just about any Daw you might name.
TD cost around $6 for quite a bit more functionality than IC Pro, which it seems you are paying to beta test. <>

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Hi Lars,

Where do you report bugs in IC Pro? I have posted in the app forum about missing faders in mono audio channels - but noone seems to have noticed my post, except me. :wink:

And before I review the app in App store, I would like to have a comment from Steinberg.



Hi @milad.ekhi,

I’m using cubase ic pro on iPhone how can I make it full screen?

Full screen support for iPhone has been added in the latest available Cubase iC Pro 1.2.6 update, which has been released this morning.

Enjoy being creative,

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