Cubase iC Pro display area incomplete on Galaxy Tab A8

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2021 10.5-inch version, model SM-X200) running Android 13 with the latest version of iC Pro and SKI. It connects just fine to Cubase Pro 12 on my Windows 10 system.

The connection is not the issue, but the display in the Tab A8. I’ve previously used an iPad and also based on other screenshots, I am “missing” the bottom and right-hand portions of the app on my screen (see sreenshots in various menus below).

It’s as if the resolution of the app isn’t “scaling down” to fit the screen, and I’m unable to ‘scroll’ down or right. I know there should be a transport bar as well as other menu buttons in the upper right of the screen.

I have checked system setting on the Tab to ensure there is no ‘screen zoom’ set, tried changing font sizes and other Android/Samsung accessibility features, but the iC display remains unchanged.

I’d like to configure the windows to display different elements as I’d done previously, but can’t access that settings menu which is ‘hidden’ because it’s in the lower-left-hand corner on the transport bar.


For clarity, these are un-edited/un-cropped screenshots, this is exactly how they appear in the app in full:

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