Cubase iC Pro Display Not Working

Hi there everyone,

I’ve recently gone through the various updates with Cubase iC Pro on my Rig (PC) and my iPad (6th Gen, running IOS 16).

The track area of the application is currently blank, and doesn’t show me what content I have in my session. I find this to be quite odd since everything else is working fine.

I’ve attached a picture here that demonstrates the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone,

Hi @Campsilv,

Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce the issue (iPad Mini 6th Gen with iPadOS 16.5.1).

Did you follow the install instructions on our Remote SKI website?
If so, does it help to disconnect/reconnect iC Pro and/or relaunching the app?


Cheers @LSlowak

Thank you for your timely response. I’ve reinstalled Apple Bonjour, the SKI remote and the app.

The good news is, when opening up a blank session, the track area on the app is updated (like your photo). However, this particular session still does not show me any thing in the track part of the app.

Would you happen to know if iC Pro has a cap on how many tracks are in the session/visible? The piece of music in my original post is from my template: I’m only using 40-50 tracks from a template that’s well over 500 tracks in total (they are simply hidden with the view options).

I appreciate your help,

Hi @Campsilv,

Thank you for your message.

iC Pro only shows empty events, similar to a graphic reference of the project.
There are no further details visible or options available.


Hi again @LSlowak

I realized this when I originally purchased the app several years ago. I appreciate you confirming suspicions.

I don’t have a problem with not being able to see the data inside the regions (whether that be Audio or MIDI information).

What I find strange is when starting a new project, then adding parts/audio/midi to it, the app shows me the regions. However, this particular session will still not show me anything.

In short: Why do new projects update the project area in iC Pro, but this already existing project doesn’t send anything over to the app (like the picture in the original post)?

I appreciate your assistance.


Hi Silvio,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issue. In our testing, the events are shown in Cubase iC Pro when loading existing projects.

Do you experience the issue when loading simple projects containing just a few tracks?


Cheers @LSlowak and Lars

All of the past projects I’ve attempted to load are quite complex (150-250 tracks), from rather dense Orchestral Sessions with lots of different VSTs.

Trying something simpler with only a handful of tracks is faring much better. I can actually see the containers (whether that be audio or MIDI) on my iPad.

I’m not sure why this is the case, but the app works flawlessly with the remaining functions (markers, moving the playhead, controlling faders in the MixConsole, using the transport controls and Keyboard shortcuts).

It’s a shame that this is the case. However, I’m willing to compromise and use the app for everything except the overview of my project.

Any advice on this?

Many thanks,

Hi @Campsilv,

Thanks for your message!
I’m afraid I have no further solution at hand for now.

However, I’m willing to compromise and use the app for everything except the overview of my project.

Hopefully this will work out for you!