Cubase iC Pro does not open on iPad

I recently purchased Cubase iC Pro for iPad (9th generation, iOS 15.1).

The application turns on making me access the window where it asks me to select the computer (both iPad and Mac are on the same WiFi). Then select: Enter IP of computer. The screen for entering IP appears. The moment I enter any character, Cube iC Pro crashes.

How can I proceed to activate Cube iC Pro, please?

Have a nice day, thanks
Matteo Santini

This is a known problem. So you don’t have to enter an ip make sure you have opened the firewall. Ic pro should pick up your computer without having to put the iPad in.

I don’t use a Mac but we get the same problem on a pc. The support for icpro is really disappointing. You rarely see anyone from steinberg comment.

Try raise a support case with them.

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Thanks mkok for your reply.

The first thing I did was open a support ticket. The only answer they gave me was to write here on the forum, the only support channel for the Steinberg apps. Ok.

Concerning your suggestion: yes, I had already disabled the firewall and therefore I still do not understand why the computer on the same wifi is not recognized and why, if I try to enter IP the program on iPad crashes.

I hope someone else can give us other ideas on how we can solve this problem.
I have been using Steinberg products for years and this is the first time I have been in this situation. Up until now, assistance had been very efficient.

Waiting for developments, I greet you mkok

The support really is disgraceful for icpro. Sorry I can’t help further but I don’t use a Mac