Cubase iC Pro for Android available now!


We are pleased to announce the release of Cubase iC Pro for Android!
The installation procedure is different than the installation of the iOS version. Here are the instructions:
Please follow the instructions carefully! There is also a 30-days trial available to check compatibility with your device.

Congrats to the iCPro team … I know it wasn’t easy getting it to work on all the different form factors and other “per device” idiosyncrasies" that exist in the Android universe.

Thanks! and great work!

Will def. check this out this week :smiley:

All good things come to those who wait!!! Great job!

Got IC Pro installed without issue (just had to restart Cubase 7.5 after adding the SKI Remote device). On a Nexus 7 the app acts like the iPhone app - so no split screens which is a bit of a disappointment. I also don’t appear to be able to drag/zoom the project window vertically, nor the mixer horizontally which would have been useful. That said, for the cost it’s probably worth having just for the remote transport and cmd keys.

Gooooood new. Have to wait til I get cash. I’ll check the demo out. But, Goooood news.

WOW! - Works in Nuendo-6 right out of the box (well, the download actually).

Great stuff.

A question:

What is the big dark grey ‘<- Cubase ICpro’ area for?

I installed it all on my PC.
I have my PC connected to a wifi router through a lan-cable.
when I connect my android Phone with the IP adress, it makes connection, but then it asks for a password.
What could that be?
My pc is not protected by a password an I already tried the password of the router, but it did not work…
Please help me!

Ps: do I need apple bonjour when I use android in combination with W7?

Bonjour gives you the required ad hoc networking, so yes you do. Is the password you’re asked for a network password? - if so then install Bonjour and you shouldn’t need it. You also get to choose if you use a password for the mobile / computer link of you check the box on the device tab.


may i ask why there is no stop key? its so important. yes i know you can press the play key again to stop, but with a stop button you are able to return to your last starting point. without that stop key the whole transport section is not useful for me. another question: why am i not able to open to channel editor with that app, or at least to select a channel ???

that beeing said, im so happy that app finaly came. unfortunatly its very laggy on my s4, but i guess you will fix that.

I had purchased the app from the Apple store a while back but I’m no longer using an iPhone…Now that I’m on Android, I’m kinda wondering if there’s a way I can avoid having to buy it again??


Two good points. I miss the stop button too.

Maybe you set up Cubase that the connection needs a password?
Open Cubase and go to the menu Devices –> Device setup. Click on the '“Steinberg SKI Remote” and check that no password is required (or set up a new password).


The Nexus 7 has a screen size of about 7". Up to about 8" the smartphone version is displayed. Above that, the tablet version is displayed.

Hey Crohde - I figured that - it’s probably a marginal call but I’d have thought the 7" screen would just about support the larger version - I appreciate that this is part of the problem everyone has with all the different sizes of Android devices. Can I get it on my Windows 'phone now please?


Surely it would make more sense if this was determined by screen resolution, and not physical size? The Nexus 7 2013 has a resolution of 1920x1200, yet there is only the smartphone display? Another way to look at it is, how many people have 7" smartphones, seriously?

This is a show-stopper for me. Can an option be added to force tablet display at least?


It must depend on the physical size only, this is for usability purpose.
For instance you could have a Full-HD device on a 5" screen, in this case the user interface will have to adapt to the physical size otherwise this wouldn’t be usable with adult fingers.
In the actual state of Cubase iC Pro’s user interface, our usability tests have shown that it is no longer possible to have a usable split-screen interface when the screen size is below 7.9".

Another way to look at it is, how many people have 7" smartphones, seriously?

Internally we rather call them the small and the large versions because it’s not related whether it runs on a phone or a tablet strictly speaking.


Finally got the demo working. Could not detect my PC from my tablet or phone. Had to in put ip manually but that still didn’t work. Had to do a restart on my PC and then it worked. Still had to still input the ip manually. Just in case anyone finds the same problem as myself.
I’ve got to echo the thoughts here about the the size of the interface. I’ve got a 7.9 screen and there is still a ton of room to fit more stuff in there. This need a zoomable interface. Selecting tracks is a must.
I don’t know why this is implemented but when I use the back button on my devices, I’m disconnected from the network and have to reconnect. Also when I close the app I have to reconnect. An option to keep the connection when you pop out to check your emails might be a good idea.

I think this is a great app but it’s got a long way to go to make it worth the asking price. A lot of good stuff in there but it feels unfinished and the possibilities are huge. Maybe that’s why it feels unfinished to me.

I’ve got one suggestion that I think should be in there. Because you can connect multiple devices I think it would be cool to have a large transport page, big button etc. Then this could be opened on your phone while you have other stuff on your tablet.

I’ve only played with it for a short time so may be back with more ideas.

I was so glad to see this become available for Android, but when I first tried to make the connection to my studio machine, I ended up futzing with it for about an hour, frustrated with steam coming out of my ears - why didn’t my studio computer show up in the app? It was on the same network and I had checked and rechecked that all the needed requirements were met.

Here’s why:
MAKE SURE…to allow the connection through your anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, security software, etc., or disable those programs temporarily while your using Cubase IC. Otherwise you probably won’t see the needed computer in the connection listing when the program starts on your device, or even in your desktop’s network browser, for that matter. Actually, with all that security junk enabled, you may not even be able to find the IP address of the machine you wish to control. My fault, I know, but a lot of you may be having the same issue.

Having said that, I LOVE this app! It’s very smooth and responsive so far. Nice work, Steinberg!

I tried the demo last night on my Samsung S3 and it seems very underwhelming to me.

Some things that don’t make sense:

No ability to change the time line to ‘bars + beats’.

The loop indicators don’t lock to anything, making the ability to adjust them useless.

You cannot create new midi/audio tracks.

You cannot arm, or select or even see midi/audio tracks in the track view.

There is no stop button to allow you to return to the start of your recording.

Hitting ‘back’ does not take you to the last window, it always takes you to the ‘select computer’ window for whatever reason.

To me, it seems like TouchDAW is just as full featured as this, and costs about a quarter of the price…I was looking forward to this software, but am failing to see the incentive to buy it here.