Cubase iC Pro for Android discontinued

Dear all,

After careful evaluation, we inform you about the discontinuation of our remote control app, Cubase iC Pro, for the Android platform since the current available solution does not match the high standards we have set ourselves.

Existing customers have the option to use the product without any restrictions or are eligible to download an unsupported Cubase iC Pro for Android public beta version that provides full compatibility with Android 5.0 operating systems.

More information (including download link to the Android 5.0 public beta version) to be found here:

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I find this pretty shocking and registered with this forum solely to express my discontent. As a loyal user of Cubase for over 20 years (!) I find it hard to believe that Steinberg is unable to update this, It feels more like they just can’t be bothered with the hassle.

As for the public beta work around, will installing the Steinberg SKI Remote Beta, and overwriting vers, affect the use of IC Pro on the iPad?

:frowning: What happened to the ‘…fully cross-platform philosophy’ Android ~80% market share?


So, where does the problem lie?

Is it a critical technical problem with Lolipop that just makes it IMPOSSIBLE to reliably implement an update?

Or is it an SB resource issue where it would just cost too much to get to a reliable update compared to the numbers of Android users?

Will there be a Windows 10 app instead? Or are we just to all buy Apple?

Hi all,

As mentioned in the statement, we decided to discontinue Cubase iC Pro For Android due to the fact that the current available solution does not match the high standards we have set ourselves.

Despite this decision you’re able to use the product without any restrictions or can choose to download the public beta version that provides full compatibility with Android 5.0 / Lollipop systems and has been successfully tested by many users for several months now.

Please follow this link to learn more about the public beta version:

Best wishes,

Thanks for really clearing that up then.

Hi Lars,

I’d love an answer to my question. Seeing as you’re no longer working on IC Pro for Android hopefully you now have the time…:

“…will installing the Steinberg SKI Remote Beta, and overwriting vers, affect the use of IC Pro on the iPad?”

Thank you

I find this rather disingenuous on Steinberg’s part as the development of IC Pro was already sorely lacking. It has been extremely buggy and lacking in features since it was released and has not improved since. The current software hasn’t even been updated in any way for over a year and a half. This is coming from someone who paid for and used both the android version and iOS version as Steinberg unlike other developers charged for both versions. It’s a little hard to believe that Steinberg is blaming android for not being able to develop up to their “standards” when IC Pro is not even on par with development of remote apps by other sequencer developers that are free to use. I certainly won’t be paying for or supporting Steinberg’s efforts in mobile development any longer due to this.

And the whole response of but hey you can use this beta of our crippled software is a pretty embarrassing response let alone viable or equitable alternative to people like myself that spent $50 on this (and in my case another $50 for the iOS version).

I agree so much with you there !!! Will never give money anymore if I feel a company to stop develloping “paid apps” since its easier to discontinue the product than work on it till it works like it was meant to !!!

To me that “discontinued” product with no refund proposal or gift…is a RIP OFF !!!

See how the y tried to blame me not using “the beta version”, instead of offering me a refund or a gift:

why not allow users to get a serial number and use this on android anyway?even without support.I never got a chance to even try it.

If development has stopped, it is no longer a ‘beta’ version, but the ‘lame duck’ version.

I want my money back Steinberg

I am very disappointed with Steinberg. I did not paid them money for a discontinued and unsupported beta android app. Steinberg should pay us our money back!


Is the app no longer working in your system, not even the new version?

Best regards,

I think you’re totally failing to ‘get it’.

What iC Pro offered was a chance to utilise devices we pretty well all had on hand.

Now, what you don’t seem to get is that those devices were primarily selected for their primary functionality, AND that we DON’T want to hold back that functionality from evolving with our needs (that is, by buying newer models with OUR preferred OS) because a developer chickened out!

So, it seems you think we will just keep using those devices with iC Pro until they clap out on us.
Of course not! We will be looking for a decent long-term solution from someone who is going to take it SERIOUSLY, and drop iC Pro like the dead duck it is, as it isn’t worth pursuing any more.

I think the real pity is that you have betrayed ANY trust we had in you with anything along the lines of iC Pro, which could have been a block in an exciting and flexible expandable controller ecosystem with Cubase. Together with the CMCs, SB shows that it really doesn’t have the heart nor the vision for this level of controllers.

I think you are failing to get it too.
So what Patanjali said and a BIG +1. On top of that the ipad version is still in production (I’m assuming this because only the android version was mentioned). Sooooooo, the ipadders have paid their cash as have the androiders but the ipadders get ongoing improvements and updates (I’m laughing to my self here) but the androiders get shafted and left with a half baked version that may or not work with future versions of android.
Now I may have got the wrong end of the stick but I’m working with the info given and it may be that ipadders are going to get shafted too which would be fair :wink: .
So on the evidence provided, Money back please. Then I can spend the money on a brick and hit myself in the face with it. Much less frustrating and I still own a useful brick.

You can get a refund if you yell loud enough…
And yeah the Apple owners are lucky, IC works for them, and they can get Cubasis !!! (would love to have a portable cubase !!!)

It’s really sad!
Steinberg why are you so deaf?
It took you forever to release the Android Version and it took forever to make it Android 5 compatible (oh no you didn’t finish the job) everybody knew you needed to hire someone who can program Android Apps, cause obviously your guys aren’t able to do this.
but you did nothing. you don’t care about it, because you think the money is coming from the Apple side.

And your business team was so intelligent to make us only buy the extension for cubase/nuendo and not the app, so we will never get our money back, because it still works with ipads.

so instead of 4 Android Tablets for 4 Musicians Headphone Mixes i have to change to 1,5 iPads?

Some companies make ecosystems, and some just want to be cogs in someone else’s.

SB used to have aspirations for the former, but increasingly seems to gravitate to the latter.