Cubase iC Pro for Android

Haha! :sunglasses:
A good reason for gear acquisition syndrome …
Cubase iC Pro for Android

yeah! I saw that and I downloaded it. I’m going to try to use it tonight In sessions. I’m really happy they released it for Android.

Does anyone know if this will work with Nuendo? Looked at the product page but it only lists Cubase.

VERY happy to see one of these Apps for Android finally. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it had an XY MIDI controller pad mode (like the TouchDAW App).

Able to answer my own question. It works with Nuendo 6. Using it with a Kindle Fire HD and it seems to be working great.

I’d really love to see this in action actually, someone using it in a real situation. I can’t even imagine how this could be useful or even practical for me and the way I work but obviously for some it’s a valuable tool. I had similar issues with a control surface I once owned… it was just cumbersome and awkward for me, just another gadget that took my hand away from the mouse it was on to perform a task that I could in fact have done more quickly while my hand was still on the mouse.

Currently I do everything with wireless mouse and keyboard so I’m quite interested to see how people integrate these things into their workflows.


I’m with Ian on this… a wireless mouse is already as much remote as I need.

I bought it but have yet to try it. I think it will help me because, lizard that I am, I usually have to do numerous takes before I get a keeper – with this I don’t have to get up, put my guitar down, cross the room to the DAW, and reset everything for another take. However, if it doesn’t allow me to delete the last track, it’ll probably be useless to me

I never thought about using it on a Kindle, BTW – excellent idea! :sunglasses: