Cubase iC pro ios app Compatible with Cubase 12 Pro?

Does anyone know if Cubase iC pro ios app is Compatible with Cubase 12 pro?


Yeah I’d like to know too.

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I set it up with my Cubase 12 Pro running on Mac OS Monterey and got it working.
You just need the Cubase ski remote agent 1.0.8 installed.
Then add the Cubase Ski Remote agent in Studio Setup. I’m so happy it works!
I got some crow to eat now. Lol.

I’m running Cubase iC Pro on an 8th Gen iPad running ios 15.3.1

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Good to know. I already know what’s required as I use it for Cubase 11. Cheers

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Are you on an intel-based Mac or the M1? I can’t get it to work on M1 MacBook Pro (running in Rosetta)

did it work on your M1? I cnt get it working either. I have a m1 also

No still not working…I gave up. Trying to find some alternative now

Avid control works and is free. iPad only though so it doesn’t work on a phone or android

Can we get an official Steinberg comment here wrt whether Cubase IC Pro does or does not work with Cubase 12 in Apple Si (M1) mode? And if not, when? (I’d also ask “Why not,” given how long Cubase 12 and Apple Silicon have been out, but I never get a satisfactory answer to that question, so I won’t bother.)

I bought a new high-end Mac Studio and come to find I have to run it with bicycle wheels to get Cubase IC Pro to work!?! (Then there’s UAD not having UAD2 VST3 M1 yet, which is a whole 'other frustration.) C’mon, people!

I asked support a while ago, and they are trying to update IC pro to where its usable again. They just could not tell me when.

thanks, TJ, I guess that’s a start.

if i were to guess, i’d say that the problem lies with the Cubase team, not the IC Pro team, as the missing link here is the SKI agent. so maybe we who need IC Pro to work with Cubase running natively on Apple silicon should go complain about it not working over on the Cubase forum….

Just an sidenote: You can also run the IC Pro App on any browser, as the APP is nothing else than a web application. Did you try if it works like that?

The issue isnt with IC Pro, per se, it is that the Steinberg SKI agent needed for IC Pro to communicate with is not available in Cubase on Apple silicon unless you’re running Cubase in intel mode via Rosetta emulation.

Having spent 40 years as a software engineer, I completely understand about limited development resources and competing priorities, but making SKI Agent Apple Si native doesn’t seem like it would be a huge effort - perhaps just a recompile. Of course you still need QA, etc…. So I get why SKI might not have been in the first round of M1 releases; hopefully it is slated for release very soon. I dunno how many of us use IC pro, but geez, it’s a paid product, and to many of us a crucial part of our Cubase workflow.

It’s extremely frustrating to have purchased high powered hardware, only to have to run the software you bought the hardware for in crippled mode just to use all the features.

– jdm

Absolutely agree. I am recording other artists as well and giving them the option to set up their own monitor mix is invaluable. I am on Windows and I used it on an Ipad first, then used it on a Browser on an Android tablet, but I couldn’t get it to work, so it did not crash my Cubase session.

So it happened, that during a recording session of 4 hours, Cubase crashed 2 times. As soon as nobody was using the app anymore, the crashes went away.

I found using my iPad that I had to totally close ic pro or Cubase wouldn’t shut down. It still works with Cubase 12 on a windows machine. Trouble is it’s just doesn’t work well and hasn’t for a few years

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Just wanted to mention that old technologies still work sometimes in combination with new ones. I am using Cubase iC Pro on an old iPad2 (second generation, iOS 9) to control the latest Cubase 12 and Nuendo 12 on a Mac system (NOT M1) and it works just fine!

So good not to have to chuck out older devices just because they are not compatible. The garbage cans of the richer countries are full of sophisticated technology, and that ain’t right.

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you are absolutely right!

Hi all,

Cubase iC Pro is back on the App Store.
Cubase iC Pro 1.2.3 and Remote SKI 1.1 available (on sale until Jan 9, 2023)

We hope you enjoy using the new update, and would be very glad about your rating and review in the Apple App Store!

Thanks in advance!

Stay safe
& warm greetings,