Cubase ic Pro, iOS Software, and Cubase 6.0.x?

Hello everyone. I notice that Steinberg has released Cubase IC Pro for iOS, which is compatible with Cubase 6.5. Can it run alongside Cubase 6.0.x as well (I assume not) ? I cannot upgrade to Cubase 7 and I wouldn’t think it likely that I’d purchase a Cubase 7 upgrade license just so I could run 6.5.

According to the support notes, you need at least 6.5 and at least 10.7 on Mac. I am still on C6 and still on Snow Leopard, so it doesn’t look like there’s any IC in my immediate future, although I suppose some brave soul could give it a go and let us know(?) :slight_smile:

Yes, I hope that someone would be willing to experiment.


Heck, I’ll sacrifice 17 bucks (although Ac-7 is working fine for me as a simple remote recording device.)

Give me a few days, I’ll get back to you.

Thank you so much!

EDIT: I want to use Cubasis even more! Yet, “6.5” again. I should hope that it would work in 6.0.x…I wouldn’t want to spend $200 for an upgrade I can’t use.

EDIT 2: Downloading the Cubasis importer implements the Cubasis file menu in Cubase 6.0.6 so I think that Steinberg might be listing 6.5 arbitrarily. Does anyone have a Cubasis project that I can attempt to import?

EDIT 3: I just realized that Cubase ic Pro doesn’t work with Cubase in 64-bit mode. That makes it nearly useless. hmmm. In that case, I’m mostly interested in Cubasis now.

Im using Cubase 6.54 in 64 bit and Cubase iC Pro works fine.

I apologize for not being more specific. I meant that ic Pro doesn’t work in 64-bit on mac systems.

This remote control extension for Cubase 6, Cubase Artist 6, Cubase 5 or Cubase Studio 5 is needed to run Cubase iC, the Cubase Wireless Remote Control for Apple iPhone and iPod touch. The SKI Remote extension needs to be installed before using Cubase iC! Please note that the SKI Remote extension does not support the 64-bit Cubase version on Mac platforms.”

Anyway, the Pro version does not support Mac OSX Snow Leopard, so it’s out of my reach at the moment.

Of course!

Does anyone have any Cubasis projects he or she would be willing to share? I want to see if I can import them successfully.


CinStudios - So you have iTunes and Bonjour on your recording DAW? I am really curious how that is working for you because I can’t even imagine putting iTunes on a DAW. In my experience iTunes is a resource hog from the gate, but then I wonder if you have run the latency checker on your DAW lately?

I like the idea of a remote, yes, and I could use it on occasion. The problem I see is iTunes on my DAW. Tell me I am wrong?

Where does it say, you need iTunes? You don’ t need iTunes.

Well, I threw away my 17 bucks.

It’s frustratingly close, but ic Pro doesn’t work on my system, which is C6.02 and Snow Leopard. It does handshake, you can move faders. but the mixer doesn’t give you solo, mute or record on the separate channels. I got a MIDI instrument to record and playback, but only because I had it in record from the computer There was no actual way to assign record channels except from the computer, which pretty much defeats the purpose.

Oh well.

That’s a shame. I’m wondering if Cubasis for iPad would work for me now. Do you know where I can find some sample projects so that I can try importing them into my version of Cubase? The proper “import from Cubasis” drop-down menu appears, so hopefully it’ll work.

thinkingcap: “Apple Bonjour has to be installed and active in order to be able to select the Steinberg SKI Remote in Cubase! Bonjour is installed with the current Apple iTunes version.”

?? So this reads to me that Bonjour is not a standalone. Am I wrong about this, can Bonjour be installed without itunes?

Thinkingcap, are you running this app and not installing iTunes, just Bonjour? Wow, tell me ‘yes’ and I will get onboard.

Means Bonjour has to be installed.

thinkingcap - hey - thanks for the headsup on this. And you’re correct, iTunes is not necessary to use the remote feature. Since I have the drums set up in the sound room, detached from the control room, this is pretty much a godsend app for my needs. Wow, thank you Steinberg!