Cubase iC Pro & iPad Keyboard

So far it seems to work with CB 11 Pro* - at least the network connection is working. However, it is difficult to create your own shortcut pages. The search does not work as desired because the iPad keyboard with “Enter” / “Backspace” (so the right keys) do not execute the command, but generate letters. Sometimes the app also freezes.
All in all not bad the app - but I hope there is work invested again. There would be so many nice things to do with it.

*I haven’t tested everything yet though.

Best wishes!

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I think I have discovered a solution.
I originally installed a German keyboard and Emoij keyboard on my iPad. So I added a US keyboard as a test. To get to it, the emoji keyboard had to be deleted. Otherwise the app crashes when I have to select it. If I switch from German to English, I can use the keyboard without any restrictions and everything works.