Cubase IC Pro latest version cannot connect to Cubase Pro 12 latest version

I downloaded the latest version of IC Pro, including the latest SKI Remote and Apple Bonjour.
I installed IC Pro on 2 iPads and my iPhone. One iPad is an old version running on iOS 9.5.3. The other iPad and the iPhone run on latest iOS 16
My problem is that IC Pro cannot connect to Cubase. It detects the Cubase computer instance but cannot connect to it.
I tried everything I can think of. That setup use to work prior to updating IC Pro to the latest version.
I run Cubase Pro 12 latest version on PC Windows 11 latest update.

have you activated ski remote in the Cubase Studio settings?

Yes. PC and iPad on same network. IC Pro detects Cubase running on the PC but impossible to connect. Probably something very simple and stupid that I forget … Everything worked well before update.

I vaguely recall there was a new SKI version required to work with the iOS 16 version of cubase IC Pro. Did you miss that part of the update?

Hi @mcouture1961,

Thank you for your message.

The iPad running iOS 9, which has been released back in 2015 might no longer work to use Cubase iC Pro.


Hi @LSlowak,
finally was able to make it work on my newer iPad running iOS 16. My problem was with the Windows Firewall configuration.

However, it doesn’t work on my old iPad running on iOS 9.3.5
I just wanted to let you know because the information on the AppStore says that it requires iOS 9.0 or subsequent. You may want to validate that and correct it if necessary. Thanks for the assistance.

My problem was with the Windows Firewall configuration.
Can you provide details?

What and where are the “Studio Stop” instructions on the Remote SKI website?

What are the “Studio Stop” instructions? I don’t see anything with that title.

Hi @Sonny_Wade,

Sorry for the typo, it has to read “Studio Setup” and has been corrected.
Please find the setup instructions right here.


Hi Lars,
Thank you for the setup instructions. I have tried everything under the sun without success. Again, thank you for the setup instructions link.