Cubase iC Pro No Updates?

Hi Guys, I have just bought the Cubase iC Pro but it turned out the app is useless. It keeps crashing, the last update was 4 years ago, and can’t even see most of the things I launch on Cubase within the app. Why don’t I see audiotrack pop up on the phone screen if I select one or media bay and many other things? This app is completely useless if you are off the screen. You guys make such great software, but the functionality of this app is very bad! Is an update coming so we can actually control Cubase remotely and see what we are doing directly within the app? If not how to get a refund?

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I use it just for transport and click on/off. I can’t believe they are still selling it as the functionality is now quite woeful.

We’ve been asking for an update for years.


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