Cubase IC Pro (remote control): SKI Agent not available on M1 Apple Silicon

I use Cubase IC Pro, Steinberg’s own Cubase remote control app for (at least) iOS extensively, e.g., when recording at the piano, but the necessary Cubase-side component, SKI Agent, does not show in Studio Setup | Devices, and thus Cubase IC Pro can’t talk to it.

Is there an alternate approach? Is this going to be fixed soon? I mean, geez, you’ve had M1-native Cubase for a while now, and Cubase IC Pro is a paid iOS app - and a critical workflow tool for many of us, whether for remote transport control, remote mix, or even just the huge panel of user-definable buttons.

– jdm

Avid Control is free and based on EuCon, works well !

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and I suspect IC Pro is essentially abandonware

Thanks - I’ve got Eucon AvidControl on my big iPad Pro and it looks very good, esp. for a at-the-computer extended UI. One thing that seems missing that’s in IC Pro is the track view, with markers - quite handy for knowing where you are in the piece when you’re recording away from the computer, e.g., at the piano, drums, vocal booth, etc.

RE IC Pro being abandonware - I hope the opposite is true, i.e., that they’re upgrading it. If it were a 3rd party trying to sell it, I could see how it could be an unprofitable dead-end, but IMHO Steinberg has a vested interest in keeping it alive: it’s a valuable and important feature of Cubase/Nuendo. It should be free and part of the standard install, and then maybe everyone would use it. That is, those of us that do good ol’ linear music, with real, non-VST instruments - a core base which, sometimes, it feels like Steinberg is forgetting about, or at least taking for granted. To me it seems like virtually all new and/or improved features are for people making EDM and other loop-based music, using only VST instruments. For now Cubase is still the best DAW, IMHO, but this situation is frustrating sometimes - like now, being SOL with IC Pro.

— jdm

To be honest, I hate the day I bought the Mac Studio. Before I worked on a PC. And since Windows 10 I had nearly no big problems with my Studio PC. Now I’m having problems that remind me of Windows systems from 10 and more years ago. From software to driver issues. This assessment is from the point of view of a music computer.
Many of the Plugins are not still native. Like for example Audio Ease Altiverb, Speakerphone, which I will sell now. Today the plan was to leave the Rosetta2 Workaround and start to work only native (with the loss of some of my favourite plugins). The IC Pro is an importnat part of my workflow and I was really shocked that Steinberg doesn’t have a native version of this really nice commercial tool, which is a big benefit for Cubase. Shame on you. If you do not plan a native version, please stop the selling in the app store.