Cubase iC Pro Remote SKI for Cubase


To connect Cubase iC Pro to Cubase you need to install the remote SKI on your computer.
Follow this link to get the installation files:

hello steinberg! why dont u add midi keyboard controller feature to new cubase ic pro app??? maybe it close the gap between the other midi apps(like midi studio pro) best regards…

Why there is no direct (cable) MIDI connectivity option and only WiFi?
Can you please implement that feature in future update, or is that an impossible task…?
BTW; Love this app regardless :slight_smile:

Today is April 13, 2016 and I see that the latest Bonjour SKI program is version This is what I am running on my DAW and something I have been running for some time to manage my iPad2 and my iPhone 5s - I’m not clear when I did this update directly from Apple but probably December 2015. I find it strange that Steinberg lists 1.0.6 as the version to use? OR does this Steinberg link take you to the latest SKI 2.0.2 version?

At any rate, I’m confused that Steinberg has orphaned this app such that it does not show the latest SKI program. This app is a wonderful thing for me and something I could not manage without. All the best to the developers of this app, you have saved me at least two miles of running back and forth per session. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I cannot establish a connection between my iPad running Cubas iC Pro and my Mac running Mojave 10.4 with Cubase Pro 10. All has been fine up til my latest update to Cubase 10.0.2. Any help please

OK, I just revisited this post, May 30, 2019, and I’m confused by what I had written regarding the Apple Bonjour Remote SKI 4 years ago. :confused: So let me sort this out…

Today, the current SKI version is 1.0.8. and all is well with iC Pro and my Win7 DAW. Thank you Steinberg!


I’m sorry for all the double and triple posting. I seems there is no editing a previous post. Call me educated.

Running 1.2.2 and SKI 1.0.8 on iPhone 8 and Apple 6th Gen iPad (both running iOS 12.3.1), connecting to my DAW on a 5G WiFi network. DAW is running Win10 1903.

No issues, iC Pro works flawlessly with super quick response from either device to my Cubase Pro 10.0.30 equipped DAW. Thank you Steinberg, this app is essential to my recording process!!!

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