Cubase IC Pro through Personal Hotspot

This is probably not a typical use-case but it has worked for me for years up until recently. My gear is in a warehouse space that doesn’t have central wifi. I connect my macbook to my iphone’s personal hotspot to get my macbook on the internet for cloud licensing etc. This also always let me use Cubase IC Pro without issue. I can still see my macbook when I load up Cubase IC Pro, but it just gets stuck trying to connect endlessly. Everything seems to work properly over wi-fi when I tested at home. So somehow something has changed when connected through a personal hotspot. My best guess, at this point, is a recent iPhone update must have changed this as I had not updated my macbook, cubase, or cubase IC pro. I’ve updated these all now and still have the same issue.

Has anyone else tried to use cubase IC pro in this way and is it currently working for anyone?