Cubase IC Pro - transfer saved key commands between devices?

I have some old iPads (gen 2) that still work great with IC Pro for cue controls for performers including myself performing/recording on my own in the studio but also I use it for the handy key command buttons when mixing/producing.

On the 4th window in settings (spanner icon) I can select at the bottom ‘save’ to save my key commands template with custom names for recalling on the same device but does anyone know how I can copy that saved tempate of key commands to other iPad devices, to save the whole process of creating each key command button from the menus please to keep uniformity and familiarity?

Eureka! I’ve just realised how to do it but rather than delete my posting, I will explain the answer hoping it will both assist others who want to do the same but also remind users that the Cubase IC Pro app is an amazingly economical and useful tool that many users may not have considered or perhaps even know about.
Before buying any additional external control device to control Cubase, I strongly suggest you try our Cubase IC Pro to see whether it does all you require or enough of what you require to justify not spending hundreds on another device!

So to transfer files:

  1. save your templates with a custom name as described above (I use the date as I am adding more key commands to the arsenal so I will always want to copy the latest saved version).
  2. connect your 1st iPad (with the template you want to transfer) to itunes
  3. click on ‘File Sharing’ (with ‘A’ logo at the bottom of the left hand list)
  4. on the window to the right click on Cubase IC Pro app
  5. in the far right window you will see a file ‘presets’ , click on that to select it
  6. Scrol down if necessary to see at the bottom of that window a ‘save’ button & click on that to save your presets on a folder you will remember,
  7. eject your ipad
  8. Connect your 2nd ipad where you want to have the copied files
  9. Follow above from point 3. but instead of selecting ‘save’ button at point 8., click on ‘add file’ button and add the template(s) you want to copy.
    After disconnecting the ipad and loading Cubase IC Pro app, in settings screen4. click on the ‘load’ button at bottom, then select the template by name and it will load :slight_smile:

I hope this is useful for some as I cannot find it in any other resource.

Thank you very much for sharing this. I have Cubase IC Pro since years but coincidentally just this week began to try it. As I created already new buttons (for example for talkback and select cue) I was wondering the same: how to transfer setting to another iPad. I own two, one for work and one for home but, as normal nowadays, work stuff remains at home too.

That’s great to hear. Thanks for the feedback.
Enjoy IC Pro!- it really is a useful tool.
I use it when moving to the best part of the room acoustically to sing, with least reflections and don’t need access to my keyboard at all to operate Cubase when recording. Everything is on there for punch-in & out, transport controls including jump to markers, cue mix settings to change levels in my headphones. etc.

Exactly. I don’t sing but hate to be at the desktop when I play guitar or bass.
Also I thought the response of faders, for example, would be slow and with lag, but it is indeed very good synchronized.

Yes even on my 10 yr old iPads that ground to a halt for other uses, and its multitouch so can slide multiple faders at once :grinning:

I was able to move only two faders at once. Can you move even more? And if yes, did you configure something special?

I was able to move 8 faders at once then I ran out of fingers :slight_smile:
That was on my old Gen2 iPad running IOS 9.3.5, Cubase 10.5 Pro in Windows 10 Pro running Steinberg SKI remote (Enable Authentication box unticked). Not sure whether any of these details make any difference eg. whether any different versions are or aren’t able to move more than 2 faders simultaneously but I believe the IOS may be the most important as I remember multi-touch gestures coming in at some point eg. enabling to scroll with 4 fingers across the screen to swap from current app to previous app (without double clicking home button) so check your ipad can do that, otherwise consider carefully updating to the later IOS.
Also works fine on a later iPad running IOS 14.2.
I am lucky that these old ipads are spare and can be used exclusively for IC Pro so I don’t have to worry if an IOS upgrade will slow down the iPad down for others apps. as I know can happen on older iPads.
Good luck!

Maybe it has to do with the fact in this iPad I have multitask/gestures switched off. I will try next time. Thank you.