Cubase iC Pro?

Gday All.

Has anyone used or is using this app? I have an ipad that isn’t being used for anything and am also in the market for a surface controller for a more “tactile” feel when mixing. I thought this might be something that might work…but perhaps not.

Any input appreciated.

I have it. Its okay to use it for keycommands.

Yep, using it mainly for cue mixes. I set the IC Pro to only show group channels so musicians can tweak their personal mix to their preference.

I also use it as a remote control to play/stop/jump to markers whenever I need to be away from the DAW.

I’m using the Android version, it has some known issues but it’s very, very useful!

It’s not very smooth, not that useful to be honest.
I do however find it essential in one way.
I have a bunch of logic editor presets I custom made to move midi a number of MS here forward or back while I use Cinematic Studio Strings. It’s great for that. Otherwise don’t bother.