Cubase IC Remote Control or other software?

Hello all,

I’m wondering if you all have used the remote control for Cubase and find that it is worth the money. I would love to have a separate option for mixing rather than having to open the mix console continuously and I have an iPad Pro which I would love to set up to use for this purpose.

I was also wondering though if there were a separate software that could be used as a mixer as well, like a separate program altogether that could be used exclusively as a mixer and connected to cubase through a virtual midi connection or something with the iPad. I’m on Mac.

Thanks in advance!

I have icpro and find that it doesn’t utilise the resolution of my iPad Pro 12”. It has been updated but I don’t think you would be happy using it to mix. Avid control may work better. This is a free app which integrates with Cubase well.

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Thanks a bunch for the info! I’ll check out Avid control - may be a good option from my cursory search on Google.

If this helps - I’m using cubase primarily for music composition and orchestration - i.e., I’m not actually recording and mixing live tracks, but merely more or less setting levels for various (and often many) parts in my project, so in theory it doesn’t need to have a ton of functionality - mainly just for my tactile brain to have physical access to faders without necessarily needing to use my mouse to scroll them or drag them manually. Does your opinion still stand with that in mind (regarding icpro vs Avid Control)?

My main problem is you get only three width options (I think but I’m not in front of my computer and ic pro won’t open fully unless connected) for the faders. So it depends how many you want on the screen and how much info you want on them. One option is really big with about 10 faders and the smallest option fits loads but you can’t read what they are.

To be honest it’s not that expensive and I use it all the time for recording so probably worth a shot. I do use the avid one as well now and again but neither gets used as much since I got a p6 keyboard with lots of sliders and control knobs as well as transport.