Cubase iCPro on Samsung Tab 4

Hi everybody,

is it possible to run iC Pro on the Samsung Tab 4 with Android 4.4. and the Cubase Pro 8?

The recommended utility on the steinberg-site is Tab 3 with Android 4.3…

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thanks for the interest… you can give it a try with the 30 day free trial version.


I use CICPro on a Galaxy Tab 4 10" without any problems.

Since my last answer, my Tab4 has upgrade to Lolipop, and of course, CICPro now don’t work…


we discontinued iC Pro for Android but the Beta Version for Android 5 is still online:


Yes Ricardo, thanks, but I did know that.
Now, the question is, if I own an iPad to replace may Android Tab, will I need to buy a second licence of ICPro for iOs?


is the Beta working with your setup?

As for your iPad, that is correct, you would have to buy the iOS Version.


Yes it is, but the Beta looks so much limited compared to the original version.
Also, Beta is running into a Web Navigator, and for the moment, it’s not so handy…