Cubase ignores MIDI controller CC#06 (NRPN - Data Entry MSB)

Hi there,

I already posted my problem on another forum, but nobody there seems to know what’s going on, so I’ll just copy&paste:

I’m trying to use NRPNs but somehow Cubase (Pro 8.5) ignores the MIDI controller #06.
I checked with Cubase’s MIDI Monitor and with MIDI-OX for incoming data and it seems that something is wrong in Cubase.
The controller #06 is present in the MIDI stream, but does not appear in Cubase. (See attachment)

Any idea what that is? In the preferences I do not filter out any controllers.



What’s probably happening is that the Generic remote, or of one of the Quick Controls, Track or VST has that CC assigned to it on that device.

Thank you, you actually brought me one step furhter, but I still don’t understand, what Cubase is doing:

I created a new and empty project, then I created a MIDI track and opened the MIDI monitor (on this track).
If and only IF I deactivate the empty (!) list of Quick Controls, the CC#06 appears in the MIDI monitor. If I activate the Quick Controls, it does not. And the list is empty. There are no Quick Controls assigned.

Look in the Devices>Device Setup>Track Quick Controls and VST Quick Controls and you’ll see what’s going on.

I’m really sorry – I actually “activated” NRPNs there, but I don’t see, what more I can see there (see attachment).

Disconnect your MIDI device from quick controls.

Okay, that is amazing… Thank you. ^^ Can you explain me, why that helps?

Continuous Controllers that are assigned to any of the remote controls- Generic, Track or VST, are sent only to those virtual devices. Otherwise havoc would ensue. :wink: