Cubase, Im back!!!!

Well after the last year of using Logic 9 (switched to mac and it seemed like the thing to do) after learning on cubase which I liked a lot , Im coming back to Cubase. I have the demo of 6.5 which is pretty dam good, made the decision easy. I just never got on with logic, which is too bad for their synths alone. I keep trying because of friends on logic and the fact its a mac so you “have” to use Logic, I just cant do it. It has a lot of awesome features, lots would be a huge addition to Cubase, but to me the pros don’t out weigh the cons. I find almost everything about Cubase just that much easier and more productive. Simple stuff like midi editing, general work flow and of course the audio handling, Cubase is the shit! To anyone debating the two, Cubase gets my vote hands down. Unless of course Logic 10 ever comes out (which isnt likely anytime soon) has some audio editing maybe Ill reconsider

Aloha P,

Welcome back!
I too believe Cubase 6.5 to be a wonderful

Sounds stupid but I can ‘feel’ Cubase.
I can ‘know’ Logic but I cannot ‘feel’ it.


Welcome back.

I used Logic and Pro tools ‘lite’ for quite a while trying to help my friends out in their studio.

Logical it was not… We couldn’t seem to find the most basic of functions and it really slowed down the workflow. Even after a year or so of trying to work with it there was too much head scratching. And it felt really clunky and awkward.

It has got some good effects and instruments but I just didnt get on with the layout. I’ve heard it was better before Apple bought it…

It was… :wink:

I used to use logic when they supported PC. When Apple bought them, they lost me as their customer. I purchased the program, ALL of the synths, and the Mackie control that was “Logic” only and the rep that sold me everything knew that Logic was doomed in the PC world and still let me pay the 2500 for everything (they stopped supporting PC 2 weeks later) I was LIVID! The heck with them, never again will they ever get a SINGLE dollar from me again ...those GREEDY Bas%ard But I found my home. Cubase has been good to me and now it’s been 12 or 13 years now (I started with Cubase SX) …just my 2 cents :slight_smile: Welcome back to the “good” side and not the “dark” side!


I grew up on Cubase, so everything else I try, no matter how good it is, must meet the Cubase bar. Nothing beats it overall. I haven’t really found anything that was close to making me switch.