Cubase & Impact Nektar 49+

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I’ve just purchased an Impact Nektar 49+ to be used together with Cubase 9.5 running on an early 2017 MacBook Pro laptop.
At the moment, I’ve just plugged and played the controller but seem to be having some issues with the Nektar and Cubase…like : * the mixer button is not opening the mixer in Cubase, * the sustain pedal is not working…to state some. The ‘manual’ that came with the controller doesn’t really explain how to connect to cubase. (I also thought it was ‘plug&play’ kinda thing)

Is there any thing that I’m not doing right to get the controller working with CB? Drivers? I’ve looked through some youtube vids but they do not explain what to do…(probably not looking hard enough…:slight_smile:. )

Would really love to have the two communicating with each other…

Thank you in advance! Much Appreciated.

I assume you’ve installed the correct drivers and been through the guide I’ve linked to below?
I’ve got a different Nektar product and it is essential to have the various drivers and software that Nektar produce also installed to get full integration with Cubase.

planachist -

No, I haven’t. I will follow it through now…will post back.

Thanks for the information!


planarchist -

Problem solved with the drivers installed! :+1::+1:

Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards

You’re welcome, glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile:

rather than start a new topic with the same title, i thought i would piggy back on this thread. hope nobody minds.

i have recently purchased the LX49+ to use with Cubase 9.5. Previously i had a MPK25 which was a nightmare. Anyhow, I’m having a few issues with bundled Cubase VSTs, namely retrologue 2 & Padshop.

for starters, i have installed the latest integration files & Quick Control implementation files from the Nektar website.

while in instrument mode, using the grab function (i know i’m doing this correctly as i have created control maps for Serum & Hive), i wanted to create a new mapping for retrologue 2 & padshop.

Im trying to map the ADSR functions of the filter & amp to the sliders on the controller. Attack & Delay maps fine, Sustain & Release on both filter & amp will not be recognized at all. same with the ADSR on Padshop. the sliders on the controller are working fine as i use them in serum & hive and the mixer.

any ideas?

i have also problems with mapping to the sliders, the integration with nektar and cubase isn’t as full as advertised, the files are date 2015…
so many plugins aren’t supported, the newer version, also no 16 effect slots, and many more.

i have the panorama p1 by the way. i had contact with nektar support, and they working on the full integration, but other projects have priority, alas.

it is a great controller, potential the best controller, but with no editor (and four pages of parameters is too little, and you can’t make complex maps, like for reason 10, i also own reason 10 by the way, and then you see/feel the unleashed power of the controller) and outdated support, it doesn’t do that much…

the padshop integration works great by the way, with the panorama p1, that hasn’t changed, some plugins are fully supported. if you see how you can control padshop with panorama p1, it is great.

i hope they there will be soon an update, they are working on it, but there is no deadline…

Hey i know this is an old post but just wondering if you got any info how to set this midi controller up with cubase 10.5? I can’t find any info anywhere

Cheers buddy

At a guess I’d start here?