Cubase Import Audio issues/bug

I am trying to import an audio file into cubase and it is importing as a random time stretched audio file from my pool. The name of the file I am trying to import is still on the file that is incorrectly imported. I have tried dragging and dropping the file into cubase as well as using the import function to no avail and I encounter the same issue.

Long story short, my 4 minute DI track is being replaced with a random 30 second guitar part seemingly chosen at random from the pool. Any ideas?


It turns out for no apparent reason, Cubase was turning on “music mode” for my imported file which I had to turn off and after a restart I was able to get the proper audio file to play back.

That being said, it still doesn’t explain why cubase is turning on music mode at random (I found a thread from 10 years ago with the exact same problem), it also doesn’t explain how cubase was grabbing the wrong file entirely for playback despite having the proper name as the original file I was trying to import.