Cubase Import menu - no XML option

I’m quite a newcomer to the DAW world and I’m having a hard time trying to work both in Dorico and Cubase. One problem solved, another one appearing… and with this one, I’m out of ideas.

When I export XML / MusicXML file from Dorico (or StaffPad) and try to load it into Cubase, it is impossible. There is no “Import XML” submenu in the Import menu. Other options tried (AAF, Midi file, drag and dropping etc.), either error or no effect at all. How do I import to the Cubase, what I created elsewhere? Please, help me.

Attaching a screenshot. I’m using Cubase Artist 10.5 and Dorico 5

Importing MusicXML is a Cubase Pro feature.

Oh, that’s unexpected solution!
However, Cubase is suggesting trying Pro version on the very start, so that will hopefully solve the problem for me now :slight_smile: Thank you.