Cubase importing anacrouses badly

Cubase importing anacrouses badly.

I have a score in Dorico that starts with an anacrusis. I export it in XML or midi. Cubase imports it in disorder, without understanding this bar at the beginning, which it integrates into the following bars, so with a time lag.

I import the same into Pro Tools,
in Midi (because Pro tools does not import XML …). Everything is beautiful, the anacrusis is respected …

Therefore, Pro Tools reads Dorico files better than Cubase. Problem…

Or I forget something. I would like.


Could you provide a screenshots, please? Thank you.

Sorry, your comparison is not fair.
Thus your conclusion is biased.

Because apparently you’re not importing “the same” file in both programs.
Otherwise you would notice that everything could be almost beautiful in Cubase as well.

In any case, in Cubase, anacruses must be built (or adjusted) inside the program (Score Editor).

False. I wrote: I export it in XML or MIDI.

I of course tested the MIDI file in Cubase. Same problem. Pro Tools reads better the midi files exported by Dorico or other.

You didn’t write which one you imported in Cubase in the OP.
Anyway, as I wrote, In any case you would have to adjust the pick-up bar in Cubase properly. This could be done easily.
But in substance I agree, Cubase could or should probably do it automatically.

Would you mind sharing a XML and a MIDI sample files from Dorico here or in the scoring forum where we could continue to discuss it?

No problem, there may be a question of translation (from French). I will try to do what you ask, as soon as possible. My music computer is not the e-mail computer.