Cubase Importing Cubasis Projects issues

I’d like to mention an issue with Cubase element 7 and Cubasis. Some Cubasis Projects can easily be imported to Cubase element 7 while others can’t ?
The message I get is "Cannot read Cubasis project file. Reason: unknown format.
Thank in advance for your help

That’s because of the bug in Importer
Just change the input on your audiotracks from audiobus to MonoInput before exporting the project and Cubase 7 importer would work fine


This problem will be solved with the upcoming Cubasis project importer 1.2, please stand by.
Also, if you could send us the problematic project to investigate it that would be great.

thank you for your reply.
So I’ll wait until the release of the 1.2 importer. So far I use a go-round method by using the share project zip files and rebuild the project in Cubase. What I find inconvenient here is that the midi files are not included ?

In case you wish to have an example of the project that cause this issue, please let me know where I can upload it.

Hello Gerard,

you can send it to me as a PM or you could use WeTransfer or Dropbox if the file is very big. Then we can verify that your project works with the updated importer.

Kind regards,

Hi Frieder
Just to let you know that with the 1.2 Cubase/Cubasis importer I can now import all my Cubasis projects.