Cubase - Improve the integration for creating "MIDI Grooves" quantize presets within Cubase

I am requesting for Steinberg to improve the integration for creating “MIDI Grooves” (quantize presets) within Cubase.

Currently, the only way to create a MIDI Grooves (quantize presets) is to drag and drop a MIDI Part from the Project Zone into the Quantize Panel. This is very un-intuitive for the user.

Here are my suggestions for improving the integration to create MIDI Grooves (quantize presets) in Cubase:

(1) The Key Editor should have the ability create MIDI Grooves

(2) The MIDI Menu should contain a “Create Groove” option

(3) The Quantize Panel should contain a “Create Groove” option

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Underrated feature suggest* This would be immensely useful. Actually surprised that this isn’t the standard.

cool idea.

The menu item is not in the MIDI menu but here:
Edit → Advanced Quantize → Create Groove Quantize Preset

Yeah. I’ve done that a few times. But for me I’m morso referring to something like the groove pool in Ableton where it acts as something that excels your workflow creatively in ways you can’t when you have to come up with that groove to save.

Same with Cubase midi modifiers. There is nothing I’ve come across that directly effects my midi workflow creatively in ways were I can say yeah, having this tool makes me work in ways I could never have imagined in other DAWS