Cubase in 2023

What are your thoughts on Cubase for 2023. Any predictions or anything you could see happening with it in 2023. I’m asking this only for discussion.

As I do like the MIDI Remote feature, I hope they further expand the possibilities.

At present, my Cubase is ‘misbehaving’, and I had to downgrade to Cubase 12.0.50 (so problem started at version 12.0.51). Curious to see how this will evolve. Until now Support seems not to know what to do. I wonder if Windows updates (changes) could cause problems. (I do update Windows 11 pretty consistently).

Furthermore, I hope Cubase continues to be updated and they keep their promise NOT to switch to a subscription based license.

They still didn’t released Absolute 6 with HALion 7. I was hoping for some good news today but nothing.
Not a good start for 2023 IMHO. :unamused:

Isn’t ready yet probably. I rather they take their time with it.