Cubase install directory. New download assistant does not allow directory choice

As per the title. I know that the installers themselves (.exe or .msi files) do allow choice of install directory, but the download assistant seems to be silent installation without the usual popups. I want to download just the .exe or .msi file so I can also choose install location -is there any other sources for downloading these files?

ok found it. Can download the files here, however the download speed is not as fast as the Assistant.

*STEINBERG DEVELOPERS - please add an option to the assistant for “download” not only install.


this is no good, only fine if you want to install everyone on the same drive.

I want Cubase main app installed on C: and my plugins and content on another drive.

thanks anyway!

You can change it to different folders as needed. For example in my screen grab above I’m downloading the Cubase program itself and want it to go in a download folder. But if I switch to the full (not update) Cubase 11 download, it is set to a sample library disk because I was downloading content from here.