Cubase into Dorico

Hi All,
This is just wishful thinking, I think. But, how good would it be if you could import a Cubase project…stems and all, into Dorico. To let you, and others see what you’ve played. Maybe someday. :+1::+1::+1:

Did I read somewhere there is a way to drag Cubase MIDI tracks into Dorico Play Mode?

There is indeed. For fuller discussions on Cubase/Dorico integration, just search - it’s been discussed at length.

I tried finding it in my PDF of the 3.0 manual but could not find it (searching for Cubase), but I thought that process might help the OP.

Excellent guys, thankyou. :+1::+1:. As I said, I’m very new to Dorico.

I’ve actually started doing the reverse: composing in Dorico (with NotePerformer) and exporting MIDI into Cubase for mocking up.

This feature seems to have stopped working in Dorico 4 (dragging tracks from Cubase/Nuendo to Dorico play mode). Does anyone know when and if it will be back?

The Dorico Play mode is in the midst of being redesigned, perhaps to mesh better with Cubase in the future–who knows. Just keep an eye on the Release History doc to see when it comes back.

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Firstly, as a long-term Cubase Score user, thanks to the Dorico team for producing a great product.
Issue: Cubase 12 Score piano score (and other grand stave scores) saved as midi file and imported into Dorico.
Problem: Voices all neatly organised in Cubase score printout, now go ferral in Dorico requiring hours of work to untangle voicing, correct staves and so forth.
Proposed temporary solution: A little Midi translator/interpretor sub-program where a Cubase score grand-stave midi file can be imported and then output as a Dorico midi file. The sub-program would understand all the amazing things Cubase score ‘Auto Layout’ and various manual changes have added to the piano part score, and turn them into a Dorico-speak midi file.
Result: Piano score exported from Cubase 12 looks the same in Dorico when imported.
Hope this helps, I’m sure the issue will be solved one way or another soon.

Welcome to the forum, Greg. Have you tried exporting MusicXML rather than Midi, then importing that into Dorico?

Hi pianoleo,
Yes I tried Music XML before trying Midi. I’ve attached a screen grab of a couple of lines in Cubase 12 Score, as well as the same lines in Dorico. As these may not show on the forum, I would describe the Dorico piano score imported as Music XML as not identifying the staves as separate, treating them as one, where the Cubase piano score sees each stave as separate.
Look forward to your thoughts!

Ah. I suspect this old solution may be the fix you need: Please help me transfer my score from Nuendo to Dorico - #15 by mducharme


Well well well… That worked perfectly. Just goes to prove you don’t know what you don’t know :slight_smile:
Thanks heaps!

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