Cubase Invalid project file

I can’t open this project file.

The way this happened is as follows.

I was use Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra.

I worked on and saved the project in Cubase Elements/AI/LE 9.

and It didn’t open in Cubase Pro 10. When I tried to open the project, Cubase was forced quit.

So, what I tried was opening it with each of several Cubase versions.

It opened in Cubase Elements 9.5. So I opened it in Cubase Elements 9.5 and saved it.

And then the project doesn’t open.

When I try to open it with Cubase Elements 9.5, I got this message.
[Invalid project file “file.cpr” !]

When I tried to open it with different Elements versions and Pro versions, I got this message.
[Project “file.cpr” was created with Cubase LE AI Elements Version 9.5.0. This program version cannot load it.]

I’ve tested this several times.

Projects created in Cubase Elements 9 will only open normally in Cubase Elements 9 or Cubase Pro 9.
In order for Cubase Elements 9 project files to work properly in higher versions of Cubase Pro, must be opened and saved in Cubase Pro 9.

This error didn’t exist in the Pro versions. This error was exist in Elements 9, 9.5 versions.

I have contacted Steinberg, but They didn’t support it.

A backup project won’t help.
I can purchase a recovery software and restore backup project, but since it is old, I should restore this latest project file.
file.cpr (2.2 MB)

Same issue here, it says my friends project was created with cubase le ai elements version 9 , this program version cannot load it… Ive tried opeining his session with cubase pro 10 11 and 12. Also tried bypassing all plugs, Ive always been able to open old cubase sessions, this is strange.

Hi there,

Have also run into this issue, but it only started after switching to an M1 MacBook with all files on an external SSD.

Never had these issues with Cubase on my previous setup, but this doesn’t mean it’s not something Steinberg could help their customers finally fix?

At least to share some of their info on what could likely be the link that causes it, even if it’s not Cubase itself.