Cubase, irritating scroll bar in the Midi CC automation lane

This product is not being goddamn beta tested properly. It just isn’t.

Cubase 13.0.21 has an issue where MIDI CC automation lanes always have a scroll bar, so the top or bottom values are cut off depending on if you’ve scrolled to the top or bottom. If you resize it, the bug tracks the resizing. So, you’re stuck with this BS no matter what.

HOW COULD YOU HAVE MISSED THIS, STEINBERG? Honestly, is every day in the office Oktoberfest or some poopies? What gives? Why is it always something I have to discover and fight with that your BETA TESTERS should be alerting you is a problem before I have to write these screeds? Huh?

What OS/Display setting are you running? I’ve not had this problem, running on Mac 4k/Default scaling. i.e.:

I just got my mitts on Ableton Suite 12. Time to ramp up. This is killing me.

I have been fighting with this stupid, irritating issue for the last 30 minutes or so. Just trying to make music, but this stupid @#$% keeps constantly giving me new things to fight with, like clockwork. A hundred billion puzzle-bugs to figure out, almost all of them easy to catch IF YOUR BETA TESTERS UNDERSTOOD HOW TO ACTUALLY TEST SOFTWARE.

I’m so sick of it. I’m so sick of Steinberg right now.

It’s Windows 11, 4K.

This is mine:

In Preferences > General, Have you got the HiDPI enabled in Cubase settings, and which scale is it set to? That’s the only thing I can think that may be throwing it out.

Don’t suppose you know which scaling setting windows is set to?

My whole point is I should not have to be doing this poopies constantly.

I’m done. I’m just done.

Thank you, but I’m done.

No problem, I understand. It’s frustrating when you get problems like this. I’ve had issues with Cubase and Windows scaling in the past.

Not that it matters, I noticed that you have no resize handles on your divider either, which is odd. They’re really pronounced on my screenshot (the white dotted ‘grab’ areas).

Yeah, it’s crazy, right?

What I’m especially sick of is the finger-pointing by these various tech companies. I have a very standard computer and yet it’s just constant, stupid little headaches like this with Cubase, but Ableton, by contrast, just seems pretty much solid, through & through.

I know, we’ve all been there, and you will get people defend the product when you ask for help too. I just thought i’d just check mine was ok, which I appreciate isn’t all that helpful when someone says “Oh it’s ok for me”.

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I just bumped it up to +0.25 scaling, and now it’s looking better, but this is too big: I miss my screen real estate:

Hey, I really do appreciate you trying to help. I am the type where it’s hard to let these little irritations go if I think I can solve it in a reasonable amount of time, but a “reasonable” amount of time can quickly balloon to a massive dependency trail that ends up costing me days or weeks I should’ve been making music.

This is why I think I’m gonna downsize my ambitions and just get done what I can get done in Live. Life is too short for being an unpaid beta tester to a Yamaha subsidiary.

Yeah I wondered if was scaling related. You may also find that some plugins open strange as well when you start playing around with the settings. It’s my biggest problem with Cubase and Windows.

Was fine before I got a 4k Screen, and better than C12. On Mac I’ve just not had any such issues.

Good on you for concentrating on the music, I think a lot of us are guilty of allow tech to steal so much time from us and it just makes you become very lethargic from a creative perspective. I wish I could have such discipline really. :+1:


Appreciate the goodwill, even though I entered this convo in a rant! Haha… good on ya, and happy Friday!


This is really driving me up the wall: if I set it to +25%, it solves the scroll bar issue. But certain plugins, specifically ones I rely on very, very heavily, such as what is still my favorite compressor, Sonnox Oxford Dynamics, are all screwed up: if I pull up the GUI, it starts large and then becomes smaller and stays there; then, after about two or three cycles of this, it becomes a garbled mess of graphical glitches.

So I set Cubase back to honoring the system scaling, and the scrollbar problem is back in the editing lanes.