Cubase is blocking other sound sources

My Cubase is blocking audio for other applications (web browser, sound player, even when I want to change the volume of speakers). It started after the re-installation of the system on my PC. Before, everything used to work without any issue. If I open KONTAKT player separately or Ableton, there is no problem. I installed ASIO4ALL and “Release Driver when an application is in the background” is check but no success. Please, any advice?

UNCHECK release driver when application is in background. Make sure sample rate is the same in all places. System, interface, Cubase.


I tried all options, 44,1 Hz sample rate is everywhere. Im lost

Are you sure your default sound device in windows isn’t going to the headphones, monitor or some other playback source, When this happens?

When it happens click on your volume icon in the windows system tray and see what the default playback device is for windows at the time. And whether you can change it back.

Also, Even though you have the ASIO4ALL driver installed, you haven’t got it selected in your Cubase settings. The Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver is the inbuilt Steinberg driver.

One other thing, do you need to be running ASIO driver? There’s other options in there that allows you to hear Cubase audio AND your web browser/external sources simultaneously. Presuming the latency is ok for you, of course.

I reinstalled the Cubase, uninstalled ASIO, unchecked Allow ASIO host application in the Control panel. IT WORKS!!! This program is just playing with me. Thank you very much for your help!!!