Cubase is diabling audio for all other applications - how do I stop this?

I use Artist 8 and Focusrite Solo AI using the Focusrite audio driver. The Solo is set as my default audio output on my PC providing sound for all applications. Past two years this has worked fine.

Immediately after the latest Fall 2017 Creators Update for W10 dropped on my PC, I can fire up Cubase and the sound is fine, but thereafter all sound from other applications is lost. Cubase is disabling it somehow. Using one of my VST’s standalone version also disables sound for other apps in the same way. But no other applications cause this problem.

The only solution is to reinstall the Solo drive and reboot the computer. This is driving me mad.

I have tried installing ASIO4ALL and configuring it in Cubase, and it works fine, but it has not stopped Cunbase from disabling all sound for other applications every time it is launched as I had hoped.

I have tried fiddling with all sorts of settings in W10 device manager etc but with no result. Of course I am blundering around blindly becasue I do not understand why this problem has suddenly materialised. beyond the fact that it coincided with this new W10 update, and I can’t find anything useful on the interwebs to enlighted me.

Can anyone help me sort this problem out?

In the VST Audio configuration there is a “Release Audio when app is in background” check box. Have you disabled that?

Currently that box is ticked.

don’t know, sorry.

It helps to switch the sample rate of your windows playback when running in shared mode to the same as the sample rate you use in Cubase projects.