Cubase is not able to handle 150% scaling in 4k

150% Scaling does not work for Cubase 10 and a 4k monitor.

Tons of other sequencers are doing well at 150%, even Wavelab is OK … WHY NOT CUBASE ???

Recommended by Windows 10 is 150% scaling, but Cubase fonts stay blurry in Windows 10 on a 4 k monitor, what ever you do.
PS APP DPI scaling settings for Cubase does not work BTW.

Been experimenting in vain with all sorts of settings, also for my NVDIA RTX and GTX GPUs.

It’s the same with Halion 6, Groove Agent and a lot of 3rd party plugins. Some do well as stand alone or plugin GUI from from with in Cubase and auto adjust, some won’t.


Example: Halion 6 …