cubase is really cool...

That’s all I have to say this morning.


Yes it is!


Sub zero :laughing:

guess it’s like a sweet n sour menu…

really cool and, at the same time, super hot :wink:

  • the best of both worlds :stuck_out_tongue: - gotto love quantum mechanics;)

Cubase is awesome


The dog’s bollocks.

Hey, Love this haiku like banter, but it also seemed like a good place to post a comment or two about my recent acquisition of Pro Tools 9.

Fairly often, I have clients who do work in other PT based studios and I must import/export wav files back and forth which works but takes some doing. OMF doesn’t seem to be working great for this.

So… since PT 9 will work with my RME card, I kicked down.

Though I love Cubase, I thought I might eventually migrate over to Pro Tools to be able to more easily accommodate some clients and to keep it simple, just using one DAW. But after a couple of weeks exploring Pro Tools, I’m not so sure.

Here are my preliminary comments so far…

Now, I have been using Nuendo/Cubase for MANY years so I’m sure some of my comments are based around the fact that I’m USED to Cubase… but.

I was rather suprised to learn that keyboard shortcuts do not appear to be customizable at all in Pro Tools. I’m sure that the shortcut set in PT is logically laid out as it is in Cubase but I have created MANY shortcuts in Cubase that work well for ME and have made my workflow more ergonomic and elegant.

The only way to export/mixdown a project in Pro Tools is in realtime… My clients rely on rough mixes at the end of every session and this would slow me down to a fair degree.

The biggest drawback so far… The lack of the ability in Pro Tools to switch off input monitoring. I (and the talent) monitor tracking and overdubs through my analog mixer. Partly because I am old school (used to do editing with a razor blade) and mostly because I never have to worry about latency/performance issues. I am amazed that Pro Tools doesn’t have this basic feature. My RME card is known for it’s performance at low buffer settings but myself and many of my clients will be able to hear the latency even at the lowest buffer settings and it will be a major distraction in the creative endeavor of making music.

That’s what I know so far…

Yes, Cubase is really cool…

Well I would argue that Cubase isn’t uncool so I guess we’re agreeing :slight_smile:

Real time rendering eh, Tommy?! That alone would have me shelving PT9. Thanks for the info. I was toying with PT hardware but I’ll go back to keeping my eye out for a cheap 2 inch tape machine. :wink:

Hey Trevor, I just sent you a PM. Check it out.

Yep loving C6 here too!
It definitely seems to be the most forward looking DAW out of the whole bunch!
I too have been seriously contemplating PT9 as it’s now cross platform as it could potentially make moving sessions around somewhat easier… jury’s still out at the moment…