Cubase is recording literally everything.Cant separateTracks

For example if I record an audio track and leave the metronome running, the audio track will record the metronome

Also, if i program drums and then record an audio track, the audio track records the drums that I programmed.

I want to be able to keep the input separate so I can record clean separate tracks instead of the tracks bleeding into each other.

Please help.

Thanks, Alex

Well no offence but what do you expect to get in response here?
You tell nothing about your setup. What Audiodevice are you using? what OS? What Cubase Version?

My quess is that you use a small mixconsole like the xenyx series of Behringer?

Ah sorry about that. Here’s the setup:
-Cubase 8 Elements 64 Bit
-Windows 8.1 64 Bit
-Interface: TASCAM -US-322

That’s about all I use.

Also: The panning isn’t working. It all stays in the middle of the headphones

Im thinking right now it might be the TASCAM interface. I read somewhere the you sometimes pay more for less. What do you guys think?

Nvm I figured out the panning problem,
still need help with the tracks bleeding into each other

Well i don’t know the Tascam 322. i only know the us-122 and i never heard your kind of problem. What Audio driver are you using in Cubase?

Im using the audio driver from the US-322/US-366. I guess the TASCAM has a built in Audio Driver. I’ve heard of a good one called Asio4All but don’t know how to install it into my program

Check to see if your audio interface has some sort of loop-back capability where the audio you send to it from Cubase can be routed back to the audio inputs.

Thanks for the response but somehow it just fixed itself haha