Cubase is scrolling when I hold cmd

When I hold down the command button Cubase zoom in and when I let go it zoom out. I’ve tried to search in the key commands, but can’t find any of the zoom features assigned to the command button. How can I get this turned off?

I’m not 100% sure, but this sounds like it might be coming from outside Cubase, i.e. the operating system. It can be set to initiate something when a key is pressed for a longer time.

So you may want to check your MacOS settings in System Preferences > Accessibility > Keyboard.

I’m getting a similar effect on my windows (Control /ctrl) but with #dorico

In Windows 10 there’s similar settings under

Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard

The idea is that each operating system allows the keyboard to be put into a mode where it can be operated without having to press multiple keys simultaneously. This is a very important feature for some users - especially if they face some types of physical challenges.

Unfortunately sometimes one or more of those features get turned on inadvertently by users who are not aware of their existence.

See also:

Thanks for the reply @Nico5

Oh okay yes that makes sense but in my case it was turned off… So, I’m not sure what it might be. It’s really not that much of an inconvenience, it just happens at random sometimes. I can live with it, just thought that I’d mention a similar issue.

Thanks again!

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This accessibility/ease of use stuff can get activated and deactivated with some keyboard actions - and depending on the settings on your computer, you may not even get a confirmation or notification when it gets turned on or off.

So it may look random without actually being random.

And possibly another way this kind of thing could occur is, if some other background utility program is sending keystrokes that end up activating and deactivating this mode.

For example programs like Bome or CoyoteMidi can translate midi messages from external hardware into keystroke messages. Or other hardware like the Elgato StreamDeck can also send keystroke messages

And sometimes some such software gets installed automatically. For example Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol software seems to install a specialized version of Bome.

So if there’s an inadvertent overlap between a keystroke combination that’s mapped to a Komplete Kontrol hardware controller as well as a Sticky Keys command, this kind of thing could - at least theoretically - occur.

Oh, well it seems like there’s some complex programming tied to those functions of the remote controllers.

I rarely use a controller as I’m always working on my laptop outside in coffee shops and the likes. Plus the onscreen keyboard is a life saver. (For just inserting notes without expression).

Thanks again! @Nico5 :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Thanks for good suggestions and advices. I will check into that and come with an update if it works or not. All the best.

In what way is “command” not a key but a button? Are you not pressing the key on the computer keyboard but something on a remote control device?

Found the issue. The issue was in the USB port for the mouse. Still don’t know why, but as soon as I change to a different USB port for the mouse it works super. So for those who may have the same problem where other solutions fail, this may be something to try out.

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