Cubase Keeps Changing Project Length

I have searched this forum and found several [old] posts regarding this - but no definitive fix.

I am setting the project length in the Project Setup Dialog - but Cubase keeps adding several minutes to it during an edit session, and I cannot for the life of me work out why.

Having read previous posts regarding the same issue, I have checked [and double-checked] that there are definitely NO events (notes, automation, tempo changes etc.) beyond the length I set - yet Cubase still insists on making the project longer [seemingly at random - at least I cannot work out any pattern to its decision-making].

Bearing in mind the checks I have already made, does anyone know why this keeps happening and whether there is a way to stop it?

This keeps happening to me as well. It’s super frustrating… I suddenly lose the zoom resolution and find the project duration has changed, reset the project duration back to 2 hours, then within moments it pops back to over a day in length and can’t zoom in on the waveforms again.
On the latest release of Cubase 12 Pro, Mac OS 12.6.3.

Similar problem here.

Same here! I adjust the time to for example 00:05:45:00 save & close the project and when i open it again the duration is back to 01:45:01:00.
I can’t figure out why.
It is anoying!
Solution please…

I used to have the same problem, and it turned out to be an event close to the time that the project always snapped back to.

In my case, it was a stray marker on the marker track. You may have to make the marker track visible.

To quickly go to the end of the project, there’s a menu item:
Transport > Transport Commands > Go to Project End

Once I deleted that, this problem went away.

If it’s not a marker track event, I would also check the tempo track, the chord track and all of the other special purpose tracks in Cubase, just in case …

And finally: if you create projects from a template, ensure that this extra event (marker or whatever) is NOT present in the template.

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Same issue here.

If I use ‘Go to Project End’ it would go to the point I indicated as the project duration, but the rest of the timeline remains active, which is rather annoying navigation-wise. I’d be expecting the view would lock into the project length range and when I zoom all the way out, I’d see my session only and not an hour of emptiness.

Update: Project Duration does work after all, as expected, only it disregarded that my Project Start Time was set to 01:00:00:00 Timecode and I had to put the duration an hour earlier.

I find this still randomly adds 10 hours or so out of the blue, even with the project not extending that far.

Just started happening to me, and it never happened before, Cubase 13 is just a mess! I should wait a couple of updates before installing any new software actually, but I never learn! hehe , but that’s on me! Anyway, the problem with cubase changing the project time is that I can’t zoom in all the way. And it’s pissing me off, while working on post production…did you ever find a way to get rid of this stupid problem since?

30 is the number they have chosen for me!

Guys! I’m in the middle of post prod and closing in on deadline so I can’t change Daw now…but I am loosing my cool! Steinberg what have you done?! You removed features I used daily and you filled up the daw with bugs to the breaking point! Just beacause you’re aping after protools! I use both daws so don’t tell me otherwise. You did well, just being you, But what is the point sticking with cubase if you gonn TRY to mimic Protools, then I’ll just use the original Protools. You can have the 13 version back 'cause I aint havin it! This isn’t just a plugin, it’s my everyday workingstation and tools you’re messing with here and it’s affecting my work! I hope you are all ashamed ! Except for Greg…he got a free card!