Cubase keeps crashing when quitting program

Every time i quit Cubase 6 i get an error message saying ‘Cubase 6 has stopped working’. I found something on this website regarding this but it’s not a very good solution. It basically says that you need to uninstall automap and then delete all the automap wrapped plugins from all vst folders, then reinstall automap and re-register all of the plugins and create new automap dll files. It then goes on to say that this problem will reappear everytime you install a new plugin and rewrap it using automap 4 setup. It says to avoid this you need to go through all the steps mentioned above every time you want to install a new plugin to automap. This is insane! Surely i don’t have to faf around and do this every time i install a new plugin to automap? This isn’t practical as is very time consuming. Are there not any better solutions than this? This makes me want to change to a different DAW. Heres the link to the info that i found: