Cubase keeps loading like forever ...

Since yesterday My Cubase loading on the startup window.
it’s not stuck, it’s just scanning and loading all the time. I really don’t understand what got wrong.
Hoping for a solution ASAP.
Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

What is the SCNPST64C plug-in? Try to remove this plug-in.

It’s not the problem. it shows me more scanning of some files around my computer.
it just keeps on scanning for plugins. it’s not on freeze.

Then try to rename the plug-in folder(s). Something seems to be faulty on the plug-in(s) side.

Again. I don’t think it’s the problem though I tried to do it.
Cubase stuck on Initializing VST 2 and it’s the second day.
is there a way to speed it up or to change the path to the Plugin files without going into the Plugin manager? (cause obviously I can’t).


Then it’s obviously some plug-in issue.

Rename all your plug-in folders to avoid the plug-ins scan. Then you can investigate which plug-in is faulty.

I have to admit. I’m a bit afraid to do it. cause if it’s not gonna work… then it will initializing all over again from the start.
So just for me to make sure. you say i should rename every folder that has some Plugins in it? then Cubase “won’t find any” and will open immediately?


Yes. Renomé alĺfolders that has some plug-ins. Then Cubase will load jist an internal components and plug-ins and hopefuly will start. Then we are sure it’s on a plug-in side. Then you can start to investigate, which plug-in it is.

I did it. and it’s still the same.
I’m starting to think again that the path i accidentally put in is the C driver and it’s scanning all of it. how can I change that without login into the program?

OK, try Cubase Safe Start Mode, please.