Cubase keeps showing me multiple warnings then crashing (turns off)

Hi, I figured i’d get a response on here quicker than contacting support, I’m getting this "A serious error has occurred) messages, (see attached)cb dmp

…many at a time if I don’t cancel them.

Not had this before, am on Cubase 10 Pro, Windows 10, the only change of behaviour is signing up for the IK Multimedia deal (25th Group Buy) but never had problems with them before.

Well, you should probably give the information that the dialog box requests in your post. Without it how can anyone answer you?

cb dmp2
This one?

I was referring to the screen grab in your first post. I’m saying do what it says to do. But instead of sending to support, post the crash file here.

Cubase 64bit 2016.12.4 2.36.dmp (250.2 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.10.29 (569.8 KB)
That’s 2 of many, today… sorry don’t know much about these files, appreciate anyone that can help, pretty sure the problem is from Sample Tank…

Realized it only happens when I open Sampletank, is fine when I load it, but happens when I open it…

Have uninstalled and reinstalled Sampletank 3 times, to no avail and have searched for any necessary Windows updates…

Sounds like Sampletank has a compatibility problem, then.

Btw, your post says Sampletank 3, but the screen shot says Sampletank 4. You might want to check that you are using the latest versions and that your copies are legitimate. If that all checks out, contact Sampletank/IK-Multimedia customer support about the problem.

Or uninstall Sampletank and live without it, I guess?

Hi, no I said I uninstalled and reinstalled Sampletank THREE TIMES (excuse the caps).

All is legit, I had the lite (SE) version before and bought into the IK 25 Group Buy, so all latest versions and legit. See no reason why it should not work.

Same issue here with the last cubase 11 build on win 10.

Here is the dmp file. SampleTank 4 and Modo Bass major issues, also opening and closing the GUI in ST4 shrinks after each

open and close. Modo bass has a chopped off gui. will send to IK too.

Cubase 64bit 2021.12.29 (890.4 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2021.12.30 (979.5 KB)

Just tested this in reaper and unify. Same issue. Sampletank 4 bug.

Hi all,

I have exactly the same problem as you have, anyone forund a solution yet ?


@Jan_Engstroem yes: